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This is a grass roots charity - all of the money goes straight to those most in need - there is no middle man. The problem with a lot of large charities is that the money often filters from the top down and just how much reaches those most in need is debatable. With PING it is different.

We work with local people in each of the villages who tell us exactly what is most needed, and we have built projects around these needs. Please take a look around the website and see for yourself how much difference your help could make.

Latest News Article

Water,water everywhere and you can drink it!! | November 12 2014

Finally the taps are turned on and water is flowing in Kerr Wally,Chessay and Ndofan.The three chiefs and the villagers accepted responsibility for the system this week and spoke of their gratitude and that they couldn’t quite believe it had…

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Brick Machines

We have the two brick machines on site now at Njongon,all the way from the southern tip…

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