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December 2022 Happy Christmas

It has been a couple of difficult years in The Gambia due to Covid since a massive amount of the country's and individual people's income came from Tourism. It is recovering, but slowly. With your regular support PING could provide help in villages where we've been involved.

In all cases we tried to assist in income generating and food producing activities which would carry on after the damage Covid inflicted on their livelihood.

For example, we improved vegetable production by the addition of a Solar powered pump to extend Drip Feed irrigation. {}.

We encouraged and partly funded the setting up on Njongon Village Cooperative which provided immediate employment for 6 people and

gives them the possibility of developing a viable food production business in which they are the owners and the workers

.We financed the felling of a couple of trees which produced enough timber to manufacture 72 additional Bee Hives and catcher boxes.

And of course we are continuing to support 7 children at various levels on primary and secondary school.

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