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February Trip to Gambia

Can you help?

Following our February trip, we came home with the following Shopping List. Our full trip report will soon be on the website under Latest News .


The village vegetable garden is 5 acres. The ladies {who are not getting any younger} use buckets on ropes to pull water from 6 to 8 metre deep wells. They asked for a solar driven pump to distribute the water more efficiently around the area, will save their backs.

The installed cost £715.

The village garden fence is 14 years old and badly needs repairs. The actual work will be done by the villagers but they need rolls of fencing

A 25 metre roll is £40, we need 20 rolls…Total £800. Consider buying just a roll or two

The Water Committee have already bought two 5000 litre tanks out of their funds. The completion of a raised platform to increase the water supply for this growing village. Since we first installed the System in 2008 the population has grown from 800 to well over 2,000.

The cost £700 euro.


Our current borehole is struggling to provide the necessary volume of consistently clean water. Experts who visited since we left recommend a new borehole some distance away from the current one.

Borehole is £2,000

Pump is £750

Control box and fittings £250.

Since the village has grown since the original system was installed, they need extra storage

5,000 litre tank £425.

Mbollet ba

This is our largest village in population and area. They need more energy to improve distribution.

At least 10 solar panels at £115 each.

Their old seed store was washed away in exceptionally heavy rains this year.

Rebuild cost £2,000

Samba Yassin.

Their tank platform needs some structural support as they plan to add another tank which they will buy themselves.

Cost £250

Kerr Wally

Their new bigger garden needs a borehole costing £2,000

To move an existing tank, solar panels and fittings to the new garden £1300


The 12 year old village garden fence badly needs repairs. Total perimeter 1600 metres but 500 metres needs done asap. Villagers will do the work. £40 rolls of fencing needed.

Cost £750


We interviewed graduates from Gambia University and have enlisted Nuneh Sowe to represent Ping and ensure projects get completed and maintained. Nuneh will also collect Data, ie. population growth, child mortality and water literage used.

New solar panels will be necessary as the systems age.115 euro each.

A new village water system now costs 20000.00 euro and this will supply clean water to 700 to 1000 people for the next 30 years. We have 20 villages waiting in line.

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