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A Partnership for Good


A very low level of air pollution, little use of industrial pesticides and the diversity of trees and flora make The Gambia an environment for Beekeeping.


As an alternative to adobe blocks which are widely used and suffer deterioration in the wet season we imported two manual Compressed Earth Block machines which produce a long lasting strong water resistance bricksuitable for variety of construction projects.


Our team of trained builders quickly developed a range of skills not only in housebuilding but enabled us to construct our own elevated Water Storage Tanks.

Training School

A Training Centre, initiated by Mr Momodou Joof & extended by us, introduces young people to a range of basic animal husbandry skills which they can apply back in their villages.

Educating Young Ones

Some of our donors specifically wanted to help in the education of Gambian children. With well established reliable contacts in each village and Mr Joof's (retired schoolmaster) links to the Educational Secretariat we can accommodate such requests.

Girls Agenda

We supported a group of girls who set up Girls Agenda by buying a plot of land in 2020 to build a centre for women near Brikama. It has water but requires much more investment to fence and build
a centre. We have tried to obtain grants unsuccessfully.

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