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Faraba Sutu village complete

“After 34 years of existence the University of The Gambia,UTG can now boast of a permanent place and hope, the era of renting classroom spaces and conducting lectures under trees is now history. This is a story of a long journey to provide the faculty and students of our national pride permanent campus. Today, university students have a magnificent campus where they can focus on educational pursuits and no longer will they have to worry about where to hold classes and have access to resource materials or use suitable equipment for academic work,” President Barrow said.

Miss Neneh Sowe, PING's ears and eyes on the ground, is continuing her Agricultural Science studies at this newly opened UTG Faraba campus.

Not surprisingly the Village Development Committee of the nearby village of Faraba Sutu approached Neneh for help to provide a secure source of potable water. Lamin Joof's Plumbing Company came up with an attractive proposal and thanks to an individual family's generous donation we proceeded with the work.

Over the years the efficiency of Solar panels have improved and their price has come down. Depending on the depth of the Borehole in some cases we have been able to use DC electricity direct from the Solar panels rather than passing it through an expensive Inverter to give us AC electricity.

Overall we are getting much better “bang for our buck” which makes it feasible to economically design water systems suitable for much smaller villages than normal.

The first picture shows some of the Faraba Sutu villagers team who helped with the installation.

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