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2023 report to Northern Ireland Charities Commission

At the start of 2023 we decided to ask the Gambian University to ask their students studying agriculture if any would like to volunteer to help us, as our friend Momadou Joof is now past 70. The professor was very helpful and produced three possibilities. We visited Gambia in early February for a few weeks, at our own cost as usual, and interviewed the candidates. Neneh Sowe was the best student, and she has worked with us throughout 2023, and we have paid her student fees of 368stg and 394stg for the year. Neneh can help the women working in the gardens with the latest information on growing vegetables. We agreed funds for a pump for the garden and for additional tanks in Bafaluto as the population has gone from 800 to over 2000 since we put the water system into them in 2008.

Jamagen had run into problems with 3 boreholes being dug and none working, so we committed to re visit this village and with another investment and a new borehole,the water system was fully functional by April. Plus they have a vegetable garden fenced, revenue from this will support the maintenance of the water system.

Mubellet ba asked for new solar panels on their old water system and we provided these which will take the pressure away from Njongon’s system. These two villages now have over 3000 villagers.

Samba Yassin is working well, and Njongon are doing their own repairs to the tank. Kerr Wally got a new pump to improve the water flow to Chessey. Their old pump was sent to Njongon which is now working better.

We provided fencing to repair the Bafaluto garden and to create a new vegetable garden in Jamagen. All the decisions made on projects in February have been completed, with Neneh following up with each project and sending monthly reports, as well as photos via Whats app.

Neneh brought to our attention a clinic in Brikama which was struggling with no supply of clean water, so we put in a borehole and a new tank and received a great letter of thanks. We have our Facebook page and website regularly updated with the news we receive each month. It has been particularly difficult to raise funds this year, but we keep trying. Trustees Pamela Morgan Brian Harrold

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