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Janjanbrueh up and running

Janjanbrueh town founded in 1823 and is the capital of Janjanbrueh Island.

Neneh visited it in early 2024 at a festival to celebrate its 200th anniversary. The women of the village implored Neneh to help them repair and upgrade their large village garden water system.

After visiting with Lamin to assess the situation we agreed to fund the repairs and upgrade to enable full use to be made of this large well fenced vegetable garden.

This picture gives a good view of its size and the existing malfunctioning water system can be seen in the top right corner.

In addition to repairing the existing system we sank another borehole and added a 2nd 5,000 lt tank. All this was achieved for £1,850 and has resulted in this large area being brought back to life and for many years will produce food for the villagers and provide an income from them selling their surplus. From experience elsewhere we know a significant part of this surplus will be used in getting children uniforms, lunches, books, bags and shoes to attend school.

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