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End of the rainy season

Our summer is Gambia's rainy season and the next harvest depends on enough rain at the right time. In July there was an abnormal period of 3 weeks with virtually no rain resulting in seeds already sown perishing in the ground. Lots of work and expenses lost, not to mention the lack of a crop in 2/3 months time.

Two of our largest villages, M'Bollet Ba and Njongon, have been living off the same Borehole. However population growth and some technical problems have left both villages short of water so we decided to upgrade an old Borehole in M'Bollet Ba. This has been very successful and much appreciated as shown in the attached letter from the village Water Committee..

“”On behalf of the entire community of Mbollet Ba, we extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the leadership and team at PING Charity for the generous financial support extended to our village. Your donation of GMD224,000 was timely and will make a significant impact on our lives and the well-being of our community. With the invaluable assistance of PING, which helped to replace 18 solar panels and upgrade the pumping system of our village borehole. This vital support will result in a remarkable improvement in our daily lives, as over 3000 inhabitants and 200 households now have regular, reliable, and adequate supply clean water for drinking and other household use. The positive impact of this initiative cannot be overstated, as it is already making positive changes in the quality of our lives and is bringing about a sense of hope and prosperity to our community. We acknowledge and appreciate the dedication of PING in addressing the pressing needs of poor and vulnerable communities like ours. Your organization's commitment to sustainable community development aligns perfectly with our own vision for the future of Mbollet Ba. We are eager to embrace further collaborations with PING, as we firmly believe that together, we can achieve even greater milestones in the pursuit of lasting progress and empowerment. Your support has not only met our immediate needs but has also laid the foundation for a more promising and sustainable future. Once again, we extend our sincere appreciation to you and the entire PING team. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome PING's partnership in our journey towards creating a stronger, more resilient, thriving, and inclusive community.

Yours sincerely, Mamadou Jallow, Chairman, Mbollet Ba Water Committee CC: Alkalo, Mbollet Ba Village, Chairman, Mbollet Ba Village Development Committee”

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