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January in the Gambia

Njongon Village Co-op.

In February the Co-op will have been operating for 12 months.. A lot has been achieved; the site had to be cleared, fully fenced and made good for planting; solar panels power the submersible pump which fills the elevated Water Tank which gives

the pressure for the Drip Feed irrigation system. In 2021 the rainy season started very late resulting in seeds perishing in the ground, in 2022 the rains were excessive, too much for normal crop growth.

The picture below shows how the Co-op's crop has come on.

In preparation for next season we have a very healthy vegetable nursery.

During the last 2 years we have funded a student, Modou Sanneh, who is studying for his Higher Diploma in Agriculture. He has just submitted his Dissertation. We expect he will be a help to the Co-op and to other village vegetable gardens

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