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Low Covid rates in Gambia

While the rest of the world has suffered horrendously from Covid in the last 20 months West Africa generally and The Gambia in particular have been surprisingly lucky with infection and death rates extremely low. Lets hope this continues.

Due to Covid we have not visited Gambia since early 2020 but thanks to internet technology, Skype, Facebook and especially WhatsApp we initiated and monitored a number of small but high impact projects. Selling the advantages of Drip Feed Irrigation had a slow start but after a season the results have been outstanding in both quality and yield of vegetables and fruit.

A picture of our partner Momodou Joof in his "Forest of Food" as he describes it. Momodou has farmed for many years and was surprised but delighted at the improvements which he has personally experienced with the addition of Drip Feed Irrigation.

We also introduced it in our first village Bafaluto and extremely positive feed back is coming from Samba and Madi.

The Beekeeping group whose training and development was funded by our American supporter Jeff H is doing very well again in spite of a temporary set back when an extreme storm "unsettled" the bees and caused serious damage and a number of deaths across the country.

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