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Progress in April 2023

After much investigation of the water problems in Jamagen we have given out the contract for work

to begin to sink a new Borehole. Pamela listening to the sad history of Jamagen's Water System

Following our recent visit in Bafaluto the women's Garden Committee are happy with their new submersible pump and the platform to support two new 5,000 litre water storage tanks is completed

A new area for a vegetable garden at Kerr Wally is being fenced and using already existing pump and solar panels they will have secure source of water when we sink a new borehole.

The Borehole at Njongon supplies water to Njongon and M'Bollet Ba. Populations have grown in both villages and to ensure future security of water supply in both villages we are helping M'Bollet Ba to improve the daily output from an old Borehole in their village

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